New Mini Trucks


AMTC strives to be the quality & price leader in our field.  You can have the best quality utility vehicle available for the most  competitive price.

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Our gas fueled new vehicles are powered by a powerful and  durable 660cc 3 cylinder engine from Brands like Suzuki and Daihatsu.  We offer many configurations to suit  your needs from a specialized utility platform to a people hauler.  We  have your covered. 



  • 2 Door Truck - 2 Door Trucks are available from Suzuki or Daihatsu.  They are built tough to withstand years of commercial use.  The 3 fold down sides are convenient, labor saving, and versatile. This workhorse is the perfect platform for any standard or custom application.


  • 2 Door Extended Cab- Available from Suzuki or Daihatsu.  Extended cab trucks have adjustable seats and some added space in the cab.


  • Cargo Van - Available from Suzuki and Daihatsu  a cargo van is perfect for any utility application requiring a great deal of storage.
  • Mini Dump Trucks - Mini Truck with a Dump Bed that is perfect for construction, landscaping, farming and more!
  • Mini Deck Van- Available from Daihatsu.  Mini cargo van with a short bed,  Seating for 4. Manual or Automatic


Contact Us Today!  (605) 763-2945

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